5 Reasons why you should choose HTC 10 smartphone over Galaxy S7!

Samsung Galaxy S7 launched and released on March 1st and it’s now becoming the most popular trend in the world. But we still think that you should pick its biggest competitor – the HTC 10 smartphone. Here are our reasons why some HTC 10 specs are more outstanding than Samsung Galaxy S7.


Less boat and cleaner Android

HTC 10 brings a comfortable experience to users by co-operating with Google to remove the unnecessary duplicate apps. You won’t be annoyed by two mail apps, two calendar apps, or two browsers on HTC 10. It’s gonna be different on S7, there will be  Google apps in parallel with Samsung apps, and those apps have the same functions. This Samsung Galaxy S7 specs will cause you a little inconvenience.

Fingerprint resistant

It’s undeniable that S7 is the beautiful smartphone with a stunning design, especially with the back cover which was made of glass. However, this elegant glassy back cover will be full of fingerprint stains and become really greasy. On the contrary, HTC 10 is the all-in-one metal design which will give you a solid felling when holding it; it also limits dust and fingerprint.


Best choice for selfie

There was no smartphone which had optical image stabilization (OIS) on the front camera in the world until HTC 10 showed up. This features allows longer shutter speeds and sharper-looking selfies. HTC 10 camera selfies with the 5-megapixel front shooter will give you detailed photos with natural looking colors, even in the dark. S7 mobile only has the 5-megapixel camera, no OIS. Obviously, HTC 10 smartphone will be a better choice.


High-quality DAC that delivers great audio

If you want  high-quality music, a good headset is the requirement. But it’s not the only vital element, you also need a good DAC to deliver the signal to those headphones. HTC 10 has what it takes to give you the best sound with awesome music. For those who are music-holic, HTC 10 smartphone is a great choice for you.


Convenient USB-C port

One of the HTC 10 specs which is so much more convenient despite the small size – USB-C port. With reversible plugs, you can easily use it. Unlike Samsung Galaxy S7, you have to be careful to insert micro USB in the right direction.


5 Reasons why you should choose HTC 10 over Galaxy S7!

With all those spectacular specs, we still think that HTC 10 is a better option for you to choose, even though it doesn’t have a flashy and gorgeous look like S7. With the price of $699, you will have a HTC 10 with so many surpass specs in your hand.