Apple iPhone 8 leaked: OLED display and dual-curved screen!

While it’s only a week until the announcement day of iPhone 7, there have already been some leaks about 2017’s iPhone – Apple iPhone 8. Let’s take a look for more information!

apple iphone 8 hihi

Apple iPhone 8 – The big step forward!

For those who don’t know, 2017 will be ten years after the debut of the first iPhone! Apple must be working really hard to create a masterpiece for the celebration of this lifetime event. The first piece of intel that we’ve got is that the “S” version will be eliminated from 2017’s iPhone which means there will be only one model of iPhone to be introduced next year. There are even hints that the whole series will be reset to zero. However, let’s use Apple iPhone 8 in this article.

One of the biggest change in Apple iPhone 8 could be the replacement of the current LCD display. Instead, next year’s iPhone could possibly carries an MicroLED screen, which offers more vibrant colors, darker black and especially better battery consumption. Moreover, it’s expected that the screen of the phone will have curves on both sides. This feature is similar to the Samsung Galaxy Edge series and the recent Galaxy Note 7, but let’s see what Apple will do to compete with the Korean giant.

apple iphone 8 hihihi

Another change in Apple iPhone 8 is going to be the disappearance of the physical home button. And by doing that, the screen-to-body ratio of the phone will be much higher, hence the viewing experience will be much better. There are also reports that the fingerprint scanner will be applied into the entire display, which means just by tapping on the screen, user’s fingerprint will be read.

Apple iPhone 8 – Upgraded chipset

Everyone is surprised by how a dual-core smartphone with sub 2000mAh battery can perform so smoothly and last so long. It’s the exceptional A10 chipset that creates that “miracle”. However, Apple iPhone 8 is reported to carry an upgraded version of the current chipset: A11. This chipset will be mainly produced by Taiwanese chip manufacturer: TSMC. So that’s all we have heard so far about 2017’s iPhone. Too bad that only after at least a year from now will Apple iPhone 8 make its debut. In the meantime, let’s wait for a few more days to see what iPhone 7 offers!