Bigger Screens and Battery for Your Next Phone?

Whether you’re using Android, iOS, Windows Phone, or any other platform, there’s one important question you need to ask yourself: Do you want it big or small? And what about the battery? There’s a saying: Bigger is better! Bigger screens and battery are a growing trend since years and you should follow this trend. Why? Read on to find it out…

bigger screens

Reason to Buy Smartphones with Bigger Screens and Battery

Sure, this is a very personal issue. You have to make a few sacrifices if you decide for a big smartphone: It’s bulkier in your pocket, you have to use both hands if you want to write a text message and they attract more attention in public. However, smartphones with a larger display also have a lot of advantage, especially when they have a huge battery capacity, too.

Starting with the benefit of a powerful battery. As you might now, batteries are among the most concerned parts of any smartphones when it comes to buying a new one. It is really annoying to charge your phone several times a day. That’s why you should buy a handset with extended battery life. It will keep the lights on all the day! You don’t need to carry your charger any longer and everything works longer, whether your camera or apps.

bigger screens

Coming to the advantages of bigger screens: first, big smartphones are often better in performance. Finally, you can enjoy playing phone games, watching movies in better quality and read your e-book without any problems. Secondly, larger displays are really convenient if you have big thumbs, so you can type your message easier and faster. Furthermore, you have a greater overview of your apps and it’s better if you use the multitasking function of your phone.

Bigger Screens and Battery? YES!

If you combine all these advantages of a bigger screen and larger battery capacity, you will see that those phones are a must-have! So, consider these facts if you want to buy a new mobile device!