Finally first Xiaomi camera product – Xiaomi Mi Pro Camera comes with us?

Xiaomi are paying much attention with your amazing portfolio. The most outstanding action is launching their high-end Xiaomi Mi Note and Xiaomi Mi Note Pro earlier this year. And now, we have good news for all Xiaomi fans cuz the next 2nd March at 10am might probably be your awaited date with Mi Pro Camera.


A teaser posted on Xiaomi’s Weibo shows us a picture of a matchbox, while a second pic comes with the matchbox open showing packed luggage and a snorkel mask. So, we’re wondering what are Xiaomi attending to introduce next?


We know that these teaser do not reveal too much about what’s next device. But we guess that this might very well the long awaited Xiaomi Mi Pro Camera, or a similar Xiaomi Camera product ? No matter what, we’ll get in our hands the next Xiaomi device very small and perfectly suitable for us while traveling or swimming as well. Xiaomi says their new device as “small as a matchbox”.


As for its price, the Xiaomi Mi Pro Camera is expectedly priced at 99 Yuan which translates to 16USD or PHP 716. And if its source is believed, it means that we will see the first Xiaomi camera product soon.

So, what do you think about its next Xiaomi product on March 2nd? Do you have the same opinion with us?