Here why Apple A10 chip is so powerful like that!

iPhone 7 Plus with Apple A10 chip set is now the strongest smartphones on Antutu list. So, why is this chipset is so powerful like that? Let’s have a look at our post!

Apple A10 chip

Apple A10 chip: equivalent to Intel Skylake

If you remember, Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are the two smartphones standing in the two first positions of Antutu list. So, what makes these phones so powerful like this? The answer is Apple A10 chip set. This SoC had defeated all the flagship chipsets from the other brands like SND 821, Helio X25, or Kirin 955. With this SoC, iPhone 7 (Plus) surpassed all the high-end phones in the market and even the average PCs. A10 is considered to be equivalent to Intel’s Skylake, which means it is even better than Intel x86 cores.

So, the reason why this Apple A10 chip set is so strong like this is Hurricane cores and Zephyr cores. While Zephyr cores do the energy efficient jobs,  Hurricane cores take responsibility for all the heavy tasks. Compared to the Twister cores in A9 chipset, Hurricanes provides 35% better performance. Zephyr cores are more battery saving. The main point here is the size of the cores. Hurricane cores size are 4.18 mm2 which are twice as big as the size of most flagship CUPs. The smaller Zephyr cores sizes are similar to Cortex A53’s.

Apple A10 chip

In this case, the sizes of both these cores play important roles in deciding the power and cost. With this power, Apple A10 chip can be used to replace the Intel chipset on MacBook Air with low speed. This chipset is the right move off Apple. Instead of cutting the cost and optimizing, this US company chose to invest in the performance of this chipset.

Apple A10 chip set: can it be beaten?

Apple A10 chip set is now the strongest SoC in the chipset smartphone market. This SoC helped iPhone 7 Plus to take the first spot on Antutu list. This phone even beat LeEco Le Pro 3 with SND 821 and 6GB RAM. So, can this A10 Fusion chipset be beaten? Will the newest Kirin 960 from Huawei and the upcoming SND 830 win over this Apple chipset? Well, we’ll have the answer when these chipsets are released. For now, Apple A10 chip is still the best. If you want to know more about the smartphone chipsets in the market, as well as the flagships with those chips, just keep following our page.