A magic mask to deal with Face ID of iPhone X? Why not?

Recently, a Chinese business has introduced a magic mask to deal with the Face ID feature of iPhone X. How, you ask? Keep reading; our article won’t be a waste of your time!

Face ID
Wearing this magic mask and you can fool the Face ID of all iPhone X?

There is a funny saying that “Anything can happen in China,” and our article today will prove it. In case you haven’t known, the Face ID is said to be 200 times more secure than the Touch ID. The reason? Except for twins (and triplets, quadruplets, and so on), almost everyone has different facial features, right? Hence, the only way to fool this Face ID security system is to do the surgery to get a similar face as the iPhone X’s owner. Or, you can, somehow, make all the faces look the same. And that’s what our Chinese business here did. Smart, don’t you think?

The original idea of this mask is to prevent false Face ID authentication for the iPhone X’s owner. But then, everything gets better. By using this mask, the Attention Feature of Face ID can block the bad guys from opening your phone even if they scan your sleeping face because you never use your real face to set up in the beginning. Of course, if they also use the mask or just decide to mess with you, then say goodbye to your iPhone X for good. So you’d better keep your phone in a safe place where only you know.

Face ID
Let’s do a little imagination here. What if all iPhone X’s owners in the word use this mask? Well, that means they can have access to all of iPhone X. And when someone wants to open their phone, they have to put on the mask, which means the police can no longer tell apart between the bank robbers and iPhone users. Crazy to think about that scene, isn’t it?

The Face-ID-unlock mask

Inclusion, I hope that this article has brought you something nice. What do you think of this mask? Should they mass produce it? Tell us!