New Cooperation between OnePlus and SwiftKey

A lot is going on with OnePlus and their ROMs, we have seen Lollipop teasers and now an official announcement that SwiftKey will be adopted by the company.

OnePlus now has a lot of new plans and stratergies for their business. We heard about a new Android OS called: OxygenOS for global version and H2OS for Chinese market. And after that OnePlus unveiled some pictures in order to show us a quick glance of OnePlus Oxygen UI. That’s not all though, OnePlus OnePlus has posted a teaser video which shown a Lollipop based ROM.


And now, we hear about the new coorporate between OnePlus and Swiftkey. As you probably know or not, Swiftkey is one of the most popular 3rd party keyboards for Android handsets. The keyboard gives you much easier to spell out words rather than typing. Besides that, this keyboard can learn your writing style to suggest what you’re going to type next. Therefore, you only need to enter a whole word with a single tap, instead of typing letter by letter.

This is really a good news for us, OnePlus lovers. This new relationship has been started and they have a deal which includes the keyboard in the next OnePlus One software update later this month in.

For all of us who love OnePlus much, pls stay tuned to see a SwiftKey as an option in our next phones.