New Red HTC U11 smartphone is here: 6GB RAM, Android 8.0, SnD 835…

Today, a new red HTC U11 smartphone version just entered the game. Also, it is a smartphone that offers the same processor of 6GB RAM as the blue model. 

New Red HTC U11 smartphone

New Red HTC U11 Specs: 6GB RAM

Before we begin, it is nice to inform you that the HTC U11 is the most premium HTC phone right now. Its design and features prove that it deserves to be considered as a flagship. Also, the new red HTC U11 is launching for people who love the red colored stuff. It means that it is a great opportunity you can add the new HTC U11 flagship to your red collection. Now, we would like to tell the real truth why the HTC U11 smartphone is worth buying.

The value of the HTC U11 beast stands on the side of its photography features. It means that the HTC U11 cameras that offer 12MP on the rear and 16MP on the front are good. As for more details, U11 selfie lens is what fans love most as it incorporates the new HDR feature as well as the 1080 pixels. However, HTC u11 storage can help you store your whole files and use them whenever and wherever you are.

New Red HTC U11 smartphone

The phone has a 64 and 128GB ROM that is expandable up to 256GB via micro. Also, it runs with a massive 6GB RAM processor that facilitate its performance. When we say HTC U11 battery, it is something that keeps you using your phone for a whole day. For this case, the Taiwan giant put a strong 3000mAh that is not removable. Some of the best features of the HTC U11 handset is that it is IP68 certified. It means that the HTC U11 phone is water and dust resistant for up to 1m for 30 minutes.

HTC U11 Price

As for now, the HTC U 11 smartphone is available for sale in blue and red. Meanwhile, the HTC U11 price is the same for both the first and new model. You can buy the HTC U 11 monster for Rs 45,439 ~ $ 710.