Nokia 8 Speed Test: 6GB RAM, 128GB ROM…

Today, we are writing about the Nokia 8 speed test because it is a great concern for many phone users. The Nokia 8 that comes with 4 and 6GB RAM which is quite a good performer with its SnD 835 Soc.

Nokia 8 Speed Test

Nokia 8 Speed Test: 6GB RAM

Apparently, Nokia 8 smartphone has been the subject of numerous comparisons. The Nokia 8 phone looks nice, eye catchy as well as user-friendly. Nokia 8 flagship is also one of the best smartphones among others like Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone X. Now, we are going to tell you the reason why you should buy the Nokia 8 smartphone. First of all, it starts with the Nokia 8 chipset; the phone runs on Qualcomm latest snapdragon 835 same with Galaxy S8. In fact, this is the best Nokia smartphone ever made from then to now. 

The Nokia 8 processor plays a useful role in the success of the Nokia 8 speed test. The phone offers 4GB RAM that can enhance a proper a smooth usability of the Nokia 8 flagship. That is not all, Nokia 8 smartphone also has a new variant that offers 6GB RAM. We can see that the 4GB RAM  model compares to iPhone 8 Plus whereas the 6GB RAM compares to Galaxy S8 plus. However, we know that Nokia 8 flagship is the perfect challenge to these devices as they sit in the think processor range.

Nokia 8 Speed Test

Nokia 8 handset also performs well when surfing on 3 or 4G networks. When connected to wifi, it even runs better than the iPhone 8. The good thing is that you can use the Nokia 8 phone for a long time without the phone slowing down. Nokia 8 is also perfect for multitasking as well as running Apps in the background

Why buy Nokia 8 smartphone?

The Nokia8 flagship is quite cheap compared to many flagships out there. For the cost, the Nokia 8 price is only $ 564 ~ Rs 36,999 which is right for a premium smartphone.