Nokia C10 flagship: 6GB RAM, Dual 16MP, SnD 836…

Nokia C10 flagship just hit on the internet, and we decided to bring the news to you. So far, some of the Nokia C10 specification leaked as it comes with 6GB RAM and massive internal storage.

Nokia C10 flagship

Nokia C10 flagship: Dual 16MP

Right now, many people are interested in the Nokia C10 since when it leaked this morning. Also, we wonder if it is not the smartphone that is taking over the Nokia C9 Pro. Maybe Nokia is trying to get over the Nokia C9 Pro monster and come with something like the C10. We hope so because the new model of C series offers interesting specifications and useful features. Let’s see what the good things about this new Nokia variant are.

First of all, the Nokia C10 smartphone comes with a massive processor that gives it the best performance. The phone runs in the perfect conditions even when you are playing heavy games. In fact, we believe that Nokia is coming with this monster Nokia C10 phone for people who like checking on their smartphones. Also, the Nokia C10 beast runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 836 chipset. Besides that, it provides a wide screen of 5.7-inch with a resolution of 2590 x 3670 pixels.

Nokia C10 flagship

For the photography, the new Nokia C10 cameras offer dual 16+16MP on the back as for the original photos. Also, it has another single 16MP on the front for selfies. Moreover, the new Nokia smartphone offers a massive battery of 4500mAh that last 3 days on active mode. It runs on Google latest software which is Android Nougat 7.1.1 and upgradable to Android Oreo 8.0.

Nokia C10 Release Date

In conclusion, we can tell you that this monstrous Nokia smartphone is launching at the end of 2017. We do not know how the Nokia C10 price is; we hope it does not cross the bar of Rs 45,242 ~ $ 708.