Nokia Kinetic smartphone: flexible screen, 6GB RAM…

As the first phone with a flexible display, the Nokia Kinetic smartphone is definitely a new beast. This Nokia mobile has some impressive specs like 6GB RAM and 128GB ROM. Our full article below can help you understand it more!

Nokia Kinetic smartphone

Nokia Kinetic smartphone: 6GB RAM, 20MP Cam…

The Nokia Kinetic smartphone has a flexible design, and you need to pull, twist or squeeze it to use. The idea of Kinetic brand is not to replace the touch screen, but rather to increase interactivity with the phone. Moreover, this design helps reduce the problems of scratched or broken screen significantly. Just imagine you want to use your phone without pulling it out or you are wearing gloves. Can you see the convenience of the Nokia Kinetic device now?

About the Nokia Kinetic specs, it offers a 5.5 inches Super AMOLED Quad HD screen. Thus, the Nokia Kinetic handset gets power from Snapdragon 836 and Adreno 530. Furthermore, the Nokia Kinetic memory comes with a 6GB RAM, and 64GB or 128GB ROM. Because of the unique design, it is likely that the Nokia Kinetic device may not support the external storage. As for the Nokia Kinetic camera, we can expect it to have a 20MP rear shooter and a 16MP snapper on the front.

Nokia Kinetic smartphone


For the Nokia Kinetic battery life, a non-removable 4,500mAh cell with Quick Charge 3.0 is the phone’s energy source. Besides, some leaks say that this Nokia Kinetic mobile runs on Android 8.0. Additionally, the Nokia Kinetic smartphone is able to switch from the lying to the standing state when there’s a call. Also, when you want to reject calls, just touch the phone, and it will automatically lie down.

Nokia Kinetic smartphone price and availability!

Unfortunately, Nokia company still hasn’t confirmed the Nokia Kinetic launching date. For the Nokia Kinetic price, it might go around Rs. 45,132 (roughly $700). What do you think of it? Tell us!