Nokia Maze Max vs Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max: 10GB RAM, dual 32MP cameras!

Welcome to amazing race between two monsters Nokia Maze Max vs Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max with 10GB RAM and dual 32MP cameras. Scroll down for more details!

Nokia Maze Max vs Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Nokia Maze Max vs Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max specs

This year, Nokia Maze Max is one of the most anticipated smartphones while Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max is the latest flagship release from the USA company. Let the battle begin! Firstly, in terms of size, the Nokia Maze Max specs offer a 6.46-inch Super AMOLED screen with 4K pixels. Meanwhile, the Apple iPhone features 6.5-inch with a resolution of 1242 x 2688 pixels. Therefore, the Nokia handset gets the first point this round!

In terms of storage, the Nokia device comes with massive 10GB RAM along with 128GB/ 256GB of ROM. Whereas, the Apple iPhone has 4GB and 256GB/ 512GB of onboard storage. With better RAM, the Nokia wins our vote. Under the hood, the Nokia beast gets power from Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset. Meanwhile, the other runs on Apple A13 Bionic. The winner is the Nokia monster!

Nokia Maze Max vs Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Next, moving on to the photography system! The Nokia Maze Max camera rocks dual 32MP sensors on the rear. Moreover, there is also a single 24MP shooter on the front. On the contrary, the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max camera offers dual 12MP lens and TOF 3D camera. As a result, the Nokia smartphone defeats its rival thanks to its better camera. How about the juice box? Keeping the Nokia beast on the lights is a massive 8000mAh juice box. Otherwise, the Apple iPhone houses a 3500mAh battery. There is no doubt the Nokia monster leaves its opponent behind!

Nokia Maze Max vs Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max release date and price

We reach the end of the race with the victory of the Nokia monster. Speaking of launching, the Nokia Maze Max release date is expected to be in the last quarter of this year while the Apple iPhone hits the market in September. Regarding the cost, the Nokia Maze Max price begins at $859 ~ Rs.58, 763. Besides, the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max price starts at $1,100 ~ Rs. 77,388. Which flagship do you prefer? Comment to let us know!