Nokia Maze Max vs Realme X: 8000mAh juice box!, dual 48MP cameras!

Welcome to the exciting race between two amazing beasts Nokia Maze Max vs Realme X, featuring 8000mAh juice box and dual 48MP cameras. Keep on reading to find out the winner today!

Nokia Maze Prime 2019

Nokia Maze Max vs Realme X specs

This year, Nokia plans to release a new monster called Nokia Maze Max. Its opponent, Realme X, whereas, entered the market last month. Let’s get started with their displays first! Nokia Maze Max features a 6.46-inch Super AMOLED screen. In addition, it has the resolution of 4000 pixels. On the other hand, Realme X sports a display of 6.53 inches AMOLED touchscreen (1080 x 2340 pixels). Hence, Nokia’s product wins the first round of the battle today thanks to its higher resolution.

Let’s move on to the next part of the race with the memory system! While Nokia Maze Max offers the storage of 10GB RAM along with 256GB/ 512GB ROM (expandable to 512GB), Realme X has 64 /128GB ROM and 4/6/8 GB RAM with no card slot for the memory. As we can see, Nokia gets one more point for its bigger storage. Talking about the chipset, Nokia’s fighter works under the power of Snapdragon 855 and the other takes power from Snapdragon 710. The second round ends with the triumph of Nokia Maze Max.

Nokia Maze Max vs Realme X

Can Realme X turn the table in the final round with the photography system? Let’s see! Nokia Maze Max camera possesses dual 32MP rear sensors. Moreover, there is also a 24MP shooter on the front. Meanwhile, Realme X sensor features dual 48MP+5MP primary lenses along with a motorized pop-up 16 MP selfie camera. This time, Realme X ‘s better photography system helps it win this round. In term of the battery, Nokia’s flagship includes an 8000mAh juice box. On the other side, Realme X contains a Li-Po 3765 mAh one. Again, Nokia Maze Max defeats its competitor for a huge battery and becomes the winner of the race today.

Nokia Maze Max vs Realme X release date and price

Nokia Maze Max has not had an official release date up to now. As for the price, it may start at around $859 ~ Rs.58, 763. Whereas, Realme X was released last month in Idia with the price no more than $220 ~ Rs. 15, 390. Which flagship do you prefer?