Nokia Vitech vs. Nokia XPlus: 10GB RAM, SnD 836 SoC…

It is time to compare the Nokia Vitech vs. Nokia XPlus and see who is going to win. These smartphones offer incredible specs like 10GB RAM and 42MP selfie snapper. Read the full article below for more details.

Nokia XPlus

Nokia Vitech vs. Nokia XPlus

Let’s see which one of these Nokia smartphones is going to impress with its specifications. First of all, the Nokia Vitech specs provide 5.5-inch Super OLED with a screen resolution of 2990 x 3690 pixels. On the other hand, the Nokia XPlus specs offer a screen size of 5.8- inch IPS LCD with a resolution of 1870 × 1970 pixels. Both the Nokia Vitech and XPlus beasts run on Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC. The Nokia Vitech comes with 10 GB RAMand the XPlus handset offers 8GB RAM.

For the internal memory, the Nokia Vitech storage comes with 512GB (expandable with 512GB via microSD). The Nokia XPlus storage offers only 128GB which is also scalable with 256GB via microSD. For more details, Nokia Vitech battery provides 7800mAh while the Nokia XPlus battery has 5400mAh. Both phone batteries are not removable, and they all run on Android Oreo 8.0.

Nokia XPlus

For the Photography, the Nokia Vitech cameras have a dual 32+32MP primary and 42MP selfie sensor. Nokia XPlus cameras provide dual 24+24MP on the rear and 22MP for selfies. So far, we can see that the Nokia Vitech flagship is better than the XPlus smartphone. Now, let’s see how much these phones cost regarding price.

Nokia Vitech vs. Nokia XPlus Release Date

None of these Nokia smartphones is official in stores yet. We hope that these smartphones launch very soon. For the cost, we are expecting the Nokia Vitech pice to be Rs 52,318 ~ $ 819 and the Nokia XPlus price at Rs 45,500 ~ $ 700. You may want to buy the XPlus for a bigger screen, but the Nokia Vitech still the best regarding quality and specs.