Nokia Vitech vs. Google Pixel 7a: 108MP Cameras, 8500mAh Battery!

Check the new race between Nokia Vitech vs. Google Pixel 7a with 16GB RAM and 108MP cameras. Catch the final winner right below!

Nokia Vitech vs. Google Pixel 7a: 16GB RAM, 108MP Cameras!

Nokia Vitech vs. Google Pixel 7a specs

Generally, the Nokia Vitech is about to launch with a long-life battery and huge storage. At the same time, the Google Pixel 7a debuts with a gorgeous design. In detail, the Nokia Vitech cameras pack a triple-lens set up on the back. It comprises 108MP + 64MP + 16MP rear lens and dual 48MP + 20MP sensors for taking selfies. In contrast, the Google Pixel 7a cameras offer dual 64MP + 13MP shooters on the back.

Back to the front, this smartphone rocks a single 13MP lens for selfies. Therefore, the Nokia device wins the first round with higher camera resolutions. About the battery capacity, the Nokia phone carries an 8500mAh battery cell, while its rival figure is a smaller 4835mAh battery box that supports fast charging 30W. As a result, the Nokia team wins this round due to the more massive battery.

Nokia Vitech vs. Google Pixel 7a: 16GB RAM, 108MP Cameras!

On the other side, both Nokia and Google devices run on Android 13 as the operating system. Under the hood, the Nokia phone ships with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G chipset, while its rival gets the Google Tensor G2 chipset as the platform. About the memory system, the Nokia flagship offered 12GB/ 16GB of RAM and 256GB/ 512GB of inbuilt storage (expandable to 1TB). Meanwhile, the Google smartphone boasts 8GB RAM and 64GB of internal storage (no card slot). So, the Nokia device wins this round thanks to more massive RAM. About the display, the Nokia Vitech specs bring a 7.1-inch LCD with 4K resolution and a 21:9 ratio aspect. Furthermore, the Google Pixel 7a specs offer a 6.1-inch OLED with a 1080 x 2400 pixels resolution. Accordingly, the Nokia handset defeats the Google phone in the last round with higher resolutions. Hence we can see the result; today’s prize belongs to the Nokia monster with excellent specs. 

Nokia Vitech vs. Google Pixel 7a release date and price

The Nokia Vitech release date can fall in the next quarter of 2023. Meanwhile, the Google Pixel 7a is now up for sale on the market. As for the cost, the Nokia Vitech price starts from $210 ~ Rs. 18,683. The Google Pixel 7a price falls at $484 ~ Rs. 39,848. Do you want to own these unique smartphones? Please comment for us below!