All Samsung Galaxy S10 models to feature in-display fingerprint readers, Infinity Display!

According to our sources, the three new Samsung Galaxy S10 models are reportedly coming with fantastic Infinity Display and the latest technology. Read on for more details now!

Samsung Galaxy S10

All Samsung Galaxy S10 models to feature the latest technology on the market!

Back in March, Samsung unveiled their next generation of the Galaxy S line. In details, the Korean manufacturer launched a total of two new devices: the standard Samsung Galaxy S9 and upper-level Galaxy S9 Plus. Despite just releasing these devices, Samsung is reportedly working on the next successors of this series. Notably, there are going to be a total of three new Samsung Galaxy S10 models. Moreover, they are also coming with the latest technology on the market.

Moreover, the three Samsung Galaxy S10 models also arrive with two different fingerprint readers. In details, the two higher versions Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus use ultrasonic readers. The ultrasonic reader is about three times more expensive than an optical one. However, the sensor can capture a 3D image of the finger, making it more secure and withstand against grease or water. Meanwhile, the third model is going to have an in-house optical reader (the type used in current phones).

Samsung Galaxy S10

All three devices of the new Galaxy S10 series are going to come with a beautiful Infinity Display. Additionally, they also have a great 90% screen-to-body ratio. There are thin frames on the chin and forehead, as well as the sides. Besides, the new Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup comes with glass back and many different colour options. On the other hand, the three Samsung Galaxy S10 models are going to take power from the SoCs Exynos 9820. Based on the released information, the Exynos 9820 is an octa-core chipset with two cores of Exynos M4, two Cortex-A75 or Cortex-A76 medium cores, and four cores of Cortex-A55. Furthermore, the GPU paired with this chipset is going to be the new Mali-G76 MP18. To find out more about Samsung Galaxy S10 specs, you can click HERE!

Samsung Galaxy S10 release date and price

Based on our sources, the three Galaxy S10 phones are going to debut at the MWC 2019 event next year. Besides that, as for the cost, the Samsung Galaxy S10 price can fall between $1, 000 ~ $1, 247 ~ Rs. 68, 693 ~ Rs. 85, 660. Are you excited for these Samsung flagships launch? Drop a comment to let us know!