[Tips] Samsung Galaxy S8 series: How to save more battery?

Even though the Samsung Galaxy S8 series draw massive battery power, you can improve them more. Here, we come with 5 tips which will help you save more battery with Samsung Galaxy flagships. Let’s take a look…

Samsung Galaxy S8 series

1- Apply for the power saving status

The first simple step for saving more battery of Samsung Galaxy S8 series is applying for the power saving status. Go to the Settings, finding the Device Maintenance and tap on the Battery. On the other hand, you can also locate the power saving situation in the notification area. Typically, you can use the “Middle” level for balancing the saving energy. However, for an emergency, you can set the mode up to “Maximum” level.

Specifically, the maximum power saving will shut down all unnecessary apps, reduce the high resolution of the screen, etc. It will contain the battery time as long as possible. Besides, Samsung also can make an app stop running efficiently. You can have a “long tap” on the icon of the home display, then press the “Sleep” button. The apps will set to rest, and you can save more battery cell.

2- Delete the unnecessary apps

The second step of saving more energy for the Samsung Galaxy S8 series is Deleting unnecessary apps. It is one the best practical ways of saving battery capacity. In case that people download random apps then forget about them, the apps will stay inside your phone and makes many dangerous things. First of all, it will hold almost space in your memory, and your smartphone will be out of space very fast. Moreover, it will also run and make your battery run out quickly. Solving this problem is easy. All you need to do is opening the Settings, then take a look at apps that you have installed. If you see the unused apps, just delete them all.

3- Reduce the display resolution

If you want to us your Samsung Galaxy S8 flagships longer, reducing the screen resolution is also a very effective way. What you need to do is open to the Settings, then press on the “Display and screen resolution” to setup. For saving more battery power on Samsung Galaxy S8 series, you can reduce the resolution to Full HD. Moreover, if you are in the emergency, but your phone is almost out of juice box, you can use the HD resolution also. In that case, your battery life will save as long as possible.

4- Lower the brightness of display

Likewise, lower the brightness of display will also help the Samsung Galaxy S8 series save more battery power. It is very simple that all you need to do is open the Settings, then go for the Screen and reduce the brightness. Furthermore, Samsung has an automatical mode to balance the bright and dark. Otherwise, you can turn that way of, and lower the brightness on your own for more convenient.


5- Shut down the unnecessary radios

Last but not least is turning off all the available radios. Speaking of Samsung S8 series radios, the WiFi, Bluetooth sometimes leads to a little battery cell. What you need to do is go to the Settings, then look for Connections, Locations, and tap on Improve accuracy. Don’t turn them on in case you need to use that can save your battery more.

Samsung Galaxy S8 series: How to save more battery?

If you like your Samsung Galaxy S8 mobile can retain for a long time, we hope the five tips for saving more battery of Samsung Galaxy S8 series can help you. So, what is your opinion?