Samsung Galaxy A series to feature curved displays: curved OLEDs

Samsung has finally made a good decision on Samsung Galaxy A series getting curved displays. We believe that this strategy might keep the A series users from not shifting to the S series.


Galaxy A series with a curved display

Samsung Galaxy A series smartphones will soon have the chance of looking like the S7 edge. The feature of the curved display is that Curved screens provide good viewing angles and real immersive experience with media like watching videos/movies and playing rich graphics games.  According to a report from Korean website etnews, Samsung was reported to be working on a kind of rigid displays for its mid and low range devices only. Samsung is also said to be making use of its curved OLEDs for the remaining flagships. The Galaxy A series, which includes the A9, A7, A8,

The Galaxy A series, which includes the A9, A7, A8, A5, and A3, have never featured any kind of curved screen, as these have typically been reserved for the company’s premium range of handsets. The website etnews also claims that Samsung is now willing to increase the yield of curved OLEDs so that production costs will not be that expensive. “Samsung Electronics is already working on lowering models with rigid OLEDs from medium-grade to low-grade models,” wrote etnews.  adding that the company has now decided to use dual-edge OLED panels that are mostly used for flagship models for the Galaxy A series, which are medium-grade Smartphones.


Adding that Samsung has now decided to start producing dual-edge OLED panels that are going to be used only for the flagship models of Galaxy A series. Besides that, you can know keep in mind that the A series are medium-grade Smartphones.

Galaxy A series to feature curved displays

We know that the Samsung Galaxy A series users might be happy of hearing this, if you think this is a great move for Samsung, drop your comment below…