Top 5 Samsung Galaxy S8 hidden features

Since the Samsung Galaxy S8 has just been launched in India today, we are bringing some tips and tricks. These Galaxy S8 hidden features will give you faster and better experience with your new phone!

1. One-handed mode:

The new Samsung S8 and S8+ have such stunning designs that everyone surely falls in love with. The two smartphones feature almost bezel-less displays with curves on the sides. The Galaxy S8 display has also been rated as the best among all phones. However, since both came in big screen size, it could be hard sometimes for users.

Galaxy S8 hidden features

Samsung has never left its customer behind. The manufacturer came up with one of Samsung Galaxy S8 hidden features to allow one-handed use. To enable this, go to Setting Menu then Advanced Features and finally One-handed Mode. The feature will shrink everything on the screen towards the bottom for easier touch. This can be done by swiping up the screen or triple tap home button.

2. Battery life enhance:

Every smartphone user wishes the battery life to last longer. Especially when their phones come with large and bright displays. Sometimes, you will find your phones low of energy but you are too far from the electricity. Or in case you just want to use it throughout two days. Samsung Galaxy S8 will allow you to do that within the Device Maintainance section. There are a lot of Battery features inside. For example, you can hit the big blue ‘save power’ button on some apps or turn on Samsung’s power saving mode. Moreover, automatic syncing should be off. In the worst case, tap ‘max’ to keep only the most basic functions running.

Galaxy S8 hidden features

3. Virtual button customization:

It is interesting that the Galaxy S8 and S8+ had its physical home button removed. Now everything you can see from the front is just the display and selfie camera. Instead, there is a virtual panel with Home, Tabs, and Back buttons at the bottom of the display. The good thing is, you can customize it! It is in the Display section and then Navigation Bar. Then pick any background color you love to see your Home button to wear.

Galaxy S8 hidden features

4. Double apps using:

Almost every smartphone is able to run multiple apps at a time. However, one of Samsung Galaxy S8 hidden features allows you to use two apps at the same time on the wide displays. Now you have the Split-screen mode on your Samsung S8. You can enable this feature in two ways. First, open your recent apps with the virtual button. Then tap the split screen button on the first app you want to use. The display is now split horizontally. Then choose the second app for the bottom half of the display. Second, go to Advanced features > Multi Window and turn on the ‘Use Recents Button’ option. Then if you are running an app, pressing the recent apps button will split your screen.

Galaxy S8 hidden features

5. Replace Bixby with Google Assistant:

Bixby is the new smart voice assistant from Samsung. It has just been introduced on the latest Galaxy S8 and S8+. However, this smart assistant is not ready now and therefore the dedicated Bixby button seems to be useless now. But you still can use Google Assistant instead for a while. So how can we really make Bixby button work? Download enable All-In-One Gestures. The go back to the app, tap the menu button, poke the Custom Keys option and push the physical Bixby button on the S8 or S8 Plus. Add ’1082’ code to register. Finally, change the function of Bixby button in the Custom Keys section. Now Google Assistant will help you with the tasks!

Galaxy S8 hidden features

Samsung Galaxy S8 hidden features: are they helpful?

Because the phones are too new in your hands, we believe these Galaxy S8 hidden features will give you better experience. Which one do you find the most helpful?