Video calling app Duo arrivie on Android and iOS: rival to Google Hangouts

The Duo is one of best video calling apps for smartphones. Although it just arrives on Android and iOS recently, Duo attracted many iOS and Android users. Now, let’s see what will Duo app bring to you?

best video calling app

The best video calling app is coming to Android and iOS!

In a recent statement, Google has announced their video calling app named Duo. It will be available on Android and iOS starting today. Many users believe that Duo will be the best app for video calling. Although it is already for download, Play Sore only allow you pre-register this app. It seems that Google is launching Duo app carefully. But the safe is necessary to avoid any virtual traffic jams and unexpected problems.

We are so excited when talking about this the new Google app. It is not a whopping app. Also, it is not a flashy one. Duo is a “fantastic simple app”. The simplification comes from the lacks the bells and whistles which are available on Skype and Google’s Hangouts. As Google confirmed, “Duo takes the complexity out of video calling, so that you can be together in the moment wherever you are,” . By that way, Google Duo could become the best video calling app which is very easy to use.

best video calling app

It sounds like Google wants to make video calling become one of the most popular functions in the mobile market. That isn’t a difficult plan because Duo app is so wonderful with all features it offers. One of them, this app from Google doesn’t need a separate account. You can easy start Duo calling app with just a phone number, as WhatsApp.

What is the highlight feature of Duo?

However, Duo is not monotonic like what you think. It gets many cool features and Knock Knock is the coolest one. This feature enables you to see the person before answering his call. More than that, Duo is so good in protecting customer privacy. Most importantly, Duo can work well on both Android and iOS. But when it comes to iOS devices, it will face to FaceTime app-another famous video calling app from Apple. Whether Duo can beat FaceTime and become the best video calling app on both iOS and Android? Let’s wait and see!