2017 smartphone market: What’s hot about it?

2016 is coming to a close very soon. It has been an eventful year for the smartphone market, with so much to remember, and also as much to forget. Let’s take a look at what’s to expect from 2017 smartphone market!

2017 smartphone market

What’s hot about 2017 smartphone market?

First, and the most anticipated of all, is the return of Nokia. The company has confirmed its comeback in MWC 2017. Nokia is expected to return with some mid-range smartphones first, and the most information we have so far is the Nokia D1C. This is truly one to look out for. Also, next year people are also looking forward to Samsung’s comeback from Note 7’s failure. The company is hoping to bounce back in the flagship segment with the Galaxy S8, with some irresistible speculated specs. Samsung will also look to push on in the mid-segment with the success of J and A series. There are leaks about a possible Galaxy A7 2017 already.

Thirdly, next year will be a special year for Apple. That’s right, 2017 is the 10-year anniversary of the company’s most successful product, the iPhone. Apple surely would not want to miss such an occasion, and we can expect the company to provide something special. The iPhone 8, or what we speculated so far, is supposed to have many ground-breaking technologies, such as 3D photography, being bezel-less, and under-screen fingerprint sensor. There are also reports of iPhone 7s coming along with 8, in red color.

2017 smartphone market

USB-C is also expected to become the standard for phone ports. Currently, it is already used by flagships of all bands, except Apple (but the Lightning ports works very similarly). One other interesting aspect is the fate of the 3.5mm headphone jack. Since Apple introduced iPhone 7 with no 3.5mm jack, many brands have been reported to follow with upcoming phones. We will see whether it will be a trend or not. Last but not least, 4K display will see if it will take off on smartphones or not. Most flagships nowadays all have 2K display already, but the question is: is 4K really necessary? All will go down in 2017!

2017 smartphone market: So much to look out for!

2017 is promised to be an exciting year for mobile phones again. Hopefully we will see many good phones entering the market, and fewer phone failures.