Nokia Swan Hybrid vs. HTC R : 16GB RAM, 42MP PureView

Nokia Swan Hybrid and HTC R – two upcoming monsters. Which phone do you guess will be the winner? Let’s make a Nokia Swan Hybrid vs. HTC R to have a clearer view! Check it out!

Nokia Swan Hybrid vs

Nokia Swan Hybrid vs. HTC R specs

Let’s begin by speaking of HTC R and Nokia Swan specs first! Nokia Swan Hybrid features a 5.4-inch Super AMOLED screen whereas HTC R comes with 6-inch OLED display. Besides, both phones work on Android 8.0 (Oreo) and take power from the same chipset- Snapdragon 845. As you can see, the operating systems in both flagships are as updated as the other. About the battery, Nokia Swan Hybrid is the winner because of the massive 6500 mAh battery while HTC phone comes with 4000 mAh battery.

However, when it comes to the memory, HTC R turns to be much more outstanding than Nokia Swan Hybrid. More specifically, Nokia Swan Hybrid offers 6GB RAM, 128GB ROM, along with a card slot to extend the storage up to 256GB. These figures in HTC R are much higher than Nokia Swan Hybrid. This HTC phone provides 16GB RAM with 64/128GB ROM. There is also a card slot for 512GB of internal storage in this smartphone.

Nokia Swan Hybrid vs

Now, let’s speak of the camera! Nokia Swan Hybrid phone sports a 42MP PureView back camera and a 32MP selfie shooter. As for HTC R camera, this phone packs a 42MP Carl Zeiss rear camera and a dual 18MP + 12MP selfie camera system. So, you can see, both of them are good at taking photos.

Nokia Swan Hybrid vs. HTC R price

The information about Nokia Swan Hybrid release date as well as HTC R launch is still not available. However, we guess that they might be on earlier 2018. Plus, we expect that the Nokia Swan Hybrid price starts from $800 (about Rs. 52,262) and HTC R price minimum is $1,200 (about Rs. 78,523). Do you have interest in these flagships? Let stay tuned for more updates from us.