5 things you should NEVER do to your Android smartphone

Any smartphone user feels it necessary to know about tricks that keep their phones either safer or faster. In this article, we are about to introduce to you 5 things you should never do to your Android devices, to keep the performance at its best.


1. Install battery saving apps

Actually, opposite to what many of us think, most battery saving apps do your smartphone more harm than good. If you make a simple logical consideration, you may immediately realize that, in order to run a battery-saving app, your phone are using up its battery too. This is even worse if you have multiple apps like that at the same time. Stop immediately if the case happens to you! If you are interested about saving your phone battery, here are 5 reasons that contribute to make it drain out fast. Check it out here and try to prevent those we mentioned

2. Leave tab merging on for Chrome

When you leave a tab on any browser running, it is eating out both your battery and internal memory, which do huge impact on decreasing your phone’s general performance. It is best if you keep them off whenever you don’t use them, and clean your cache once in a while to “refresh” your phone’s internal memory. In other words, remember to keep space for your phone to run.


3. Install apps with unnecessary permission

I admit we don’t always have that time (and patience) to read through all the instruction before downloading a new app. But it is highly recommended that you check a bit more careful about what you “allow” those apps to get access to. For example, why would an app needs to know your GPS? Why do you need to sign in to your Facebook account (which is definitely contains most of your personal information). Let make it clearer than the sun, the more permission you allow, the more data an app can collect from your device, and the more insecure and vulnerable your smartphone becomes.

4. Root without thorough understanding

Rooting is an interesting technique that allows to to re-customize your ROM and all, if done successfully. However, playing with rooting is like joking around Darth Vader, because most of those who tried failed tragically.  So, this remark is to emphasize that, if you are about to root your Android smartphone, make sure you read extensively and thoroughly, so as you know all the risks and possibilities before actually conducting it.


5. Disable apps you consider “useless” without research

Many apps are pre-installed to your phone the moment you get your smartphone, together with the operating system. Along the way, you may start to find some of those very unnecessary or even useless and has the temptation to delete them to give space for more interesting apps you have always put in your dream list. Don’t do this, again, unless you have done some careful research by yourself. Many apps seem like they do nothing, but are there to make sure other apps work well and guarantee your phone performance.

The 5 tips we just gave you above were actually raised by Reddit user 19683dw as a topic, and contributed by other fellow users. And those are 5 points we find most common and essential. For further remarks, please check out our sources here and here