First batch of preorders for Nintendo Switch device has sold out!

Recently, the new Nintendo Switch device has had its price, specs and launch date revealed. Preorder has also been available since then, and the new console from Nintendo has sold out the first batch of preorders!

nintendo switch device

First batch of preorders for Nintendo Switch device has sold out!

GameStop, an American company who distributes games, has announced that all preorders for the new Nintendo Switch device has been fully reserved. Bob Puzon, an employee at GameStop, has shared that the company is working closely with Nintendo to get more Switch devices available for customers. Those who has not been able to reserve the device will not have to worry, as more units are coming in very soon.

Preorder for the new Nintendo console started from Friday, after its reveal presentation. Even though GameStop’s first batch of preorder is fully reserved, players don’t have to worry. GameStop is just one of many retailers who will distribute the device, so if you want to put your name as one of those who will get the game on its intended release date, you can try it out with other retailers too. But you should hurry, because apparently the new Nintendo Switch device is in hot demand, as it is also sold out on Amazon!

Reggie Fils-Aime of Nintendo has said after the revelation event that there would be more than two million units of the new Nintendo Switch device available worldwide at launch. That sounds like a lot, and it is indeed an impressive number. However, something to note is that when you spread that number across retailers in different regions like US, Canada, Western Europe, Japan, Hong Kong and Australia, it is no wonder that retailers (such as GameStop) are able to get their reservation list full.

New Nintendo Switch device: Off to a good start

So far, it has been a very good start for the new Nintendo Switch device. Hopefully this new console can get Nintendo back on par with Sony and Microsoft in the console race. A reminder, Nintendo Switch price will be $300 on release, and Nintendo Switch release date is set to be March 3 this year. Are you looking forward to this new device?