Qualcomm with Microsoft working on a new SND-powered laptop

It seems that Qualcomm is heading to the desktop market. The company is cooperating with Microsoft to release a new laptop which is powered by SND chipset. 


Qualcomm: cooperates with Microsoft for a new laptop

Qualcomm is now one of the most successful smartphone processor companies in the market. Their chipsets are widely used in many mobiles. Their latest product- SND 835- is now the most powerful in the market. On Antutu, the phone with this SoC beats iPhone 7 Plus with A10 Fusion. If you don’t remember, we’d like to remind you that A10 chipset is really strong.

Now, it seems that this US company want to expand their market when stepping into the desktop market. To enter this market, the company will cooperate with software giant Microsoft. Recently, Microsoft has just held a WinHEC event. There was nothing special until the appearance of Qualcomm. These two giants announced that they will cooperate to make SND processor be able to run on Windows 10. They will start with the next chipset of the company.


This is a huge combination: Qualcomm and Microsoft. This is a new direction for this mobile processor company. Until now, the company only manufactured processor for smartphones. Chipsets for desktop is gonna be a whole new thing since the desktop chipset will run 64-bit operation system. It’s really different from smartphone OS like Android.

New SND-powered laptop: runs smoothly

According to both Qualcomm and Microsoft, laptops with SND processor will be available next year- 2017. So, 2017 will be the dynamic year for the smartphone and PC/laptop market. This new device is said to run Windows 10 smoothly without any lags. It can operate all the heavy tasks, apps, and programs. In addition, the handset still keeps the slim design and maintain the long battery life. These brands also released their demo demonstrating the work of this new device. On the video, the new handset runs smoothly on the heavy Adobe Photoshop app. This is really interesting, right?! So, if you’re interested, just stay tuned with us.